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Feb 7, 2013 9:00am EST
, with with that, i yield the floor. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from alaska. mr. begich: i ask time to make 23450eu my statement as required. the presiding officer: the senator has that right. mr. begich: mr. president, let me -- i came down to speak on violence against women act but before i do that i want to -- i appreciate my friend from indiana. we all want to get this budget under control. we all recognize we have to get this under control not only for today's generation but for multiple generations to come. in the last few years we've been a table to take out almost $2 trillion of our budgetary costs over the next ten years for cuts that we have been able to accomplish in a bipartisan way here but led a lot by this side here. but let me rind re-mind folks why we are. four years ago this economy was flat on its back, an economy that didn't have any air in it, it was in grave situation, but where are we today? we have a five-year housing starts, incredible activity within the automobile industry, again, record high sales going on there, the market, the stock
Feb 9, 2013 6:20pm EST
murkowski from alaska delivers the republican address. she enters her plan for an energy policy for the u.s.. >> hi everybody. over the last few years, democrats and republicans have come together and cut our deficit by more than $2.5 trillion through a balanced mix of cuts and tax for the wealthiest americans. that is more than both parties say we need to stabilize our debt. i believe e we can finish the job the same way we started it, with a balanced cut of spending cuts and tax reform. and the majority of the american people agree, both democrats and republicans. my preference and the preference of many members of congress is to do that in a balanced way by making sensible changes to entitlement programs and reforming our tax code. as we speak, both the house and senate are working toward budget proposals i hope will lay out this balanced path going forward. wut that takes time and right now, if congress doesn't act by march 1 a series of harmful doubts spending also known as the sequester are scheduled to take effect. and the result could be a huge blow to middle class families and ou
Feb 16, 2013 10:00am EST
promised in the bill. i know that alaska has the same concern. they, of course, have bypassed mail. i have been up there. they need to maintain a level of service that is unique, and we need to maintain both of them. that is one of the reasons why the right-sizing in urban areas, of not having processing centers that can see each other, postal centers that can see each other, is something that needs to be worked on, and we think we can maintain a level of service in most of the postal areas. >> i look forward to that. i think you touched on the issues, which is that the standard of service delivery has to be kept competitive. i can tell you that what i see going on in rural america with some of the proposals going out makes it not competitive. that is all. >> let me say this -- senator collins kept these issues at the forefront of all of our discussions. as one who lives in an urban area and has grown up in one, i am very, very sensitive to this. i think when we legislate, we've got to legislate for all america. >> that's right. >> i get it, and i am not anxious to see our postal service -
Feb 27, 2013 1:00am PST
something that just happened in alaska. one house of the state legislature there has just passed a law that threatens to arrest law enforcement officers if they try to enforce federal laws about guns in alaska. the law says that any guns or ammo possessed by alaskans are exempt from federal laws. so the state of alaska does not recognize the authority of the united states of america and will arrest that country's agents if they try to enforce that country's laws. that just passed in alaska in the republican-dominated house there, despite passionate arguments against it like this one from democratic state rep andy josephson. watch. >> mr. speaker, we decided in 1955 to submit a state constitution. we joined the team. our star is on the flag. i see it there. we didn't have to do that. we demanded it. we implored our 48 sisters, because hawaii wasn't admitted yet, our 48 brothers and sisters, let us join this great team. and, you know, i care greatly about my state. but i'm very proud to be an american. very proud. and for the courts say an administration law is constitutional, it is. i t
Feb 5, 2013 7:00pm EST
jones, el futuro comienza en estas afiladas cumbres de la lejana alaska. Éste es el dominio de jones. (brigitte narrando) Él ex corredor, ahora es un alquimista del campo abierto. fusiona todas las disciplinas del snowboarding para forjar su imponente estilo. (josé narrando) salto inmenso. el estilo de jeremy jones, es sobrehumano. ♪ el nivel que tiene jeremy jones, no lo tienen muchos. ♪ me han impactado su capacidad. con el snowboarding desde un comienzo. ♪ (josé narrando) caída libre. desde el comienzo jones parecía tener un sexto sentido para el snowboard aprendí a hacer esto en mi patio trasero y me tomó alrededor de cuatro años poder hacer un giro. nunca había visto a alguien hacer eso. ♪ jeremy, desde que se dedicó a este deporte, realmente ha estado entre los mejores. jeremy, lo hizo bien y terminó siendo uno de los mejores jóvenes corredores camino a las olimpiadas. a los 16 años, iba camino a mi primera competencia profesional en jackson hall y en ese momentvi de qué se trataba el freerider y me enamoró. cambió toda mi perspectiva del snowboarding y
Feb 13, 2013 8:00pm EST
of us have to make sure we promise in the bill, and i know that alaska has the same concern. they, of course, have bythe -- bypass mailed. i have been to the rural areas. theyed need to maintain is service that's unique, and we have to preserve both of them. it's the right sizing in urban areas of not having, if you will, processing center that see each other and post offices that see each other. it's something the post postmasr wants to focus on, and we think we can have a bill that maintains the service and post offices that are rural. >> i look forward to that. i think you touched on the issues that congressman and i both agreed upon, that standard the service delivery has to be kept competitive, and i tell you what i see going on in rural america with the proposals coming out makes it not competitive, and we count too. that's all. >> senator, let me say this, that senator collins kept this at the forefront, these issues at the fore front of all of our discussions, and this one who lives in an urban area and has grown up in one, i am very, very sensitive to this. i think when w
Feb 11, 2013 12:00pm EST
: the senator from alaska is recognized. ms. murkowski: thank you, madam president. i want to acknowledge the comments of my colleague from washington as the incoming chairman on the indian affairs committee, she is obviously well aware of the challenges, oftentimes the horrific challenges that so many american indians, alaska native and indigenous peoples face when it comes to domestic violence and the inability to access the law. i've been a member of the indian affairs committee since i came to the senate some ten years ago, and every year without fail, we have some aspect of a hearing that focuses on domestic violence. we look to the statistics, and they're staggering. they're staggering and they are overwhelming when you put them into perspective in terms of how our native women, particularly our native women on rest -- reservations deal with an epidemic when it comes to domestic violence issues that they face within their homes, and really so often no place to turn to, that law enforcement that you and i would hope to be able to rely on in the event of a true tragedy, that far too o
Feb 4, 2013 4:00am PST
out in the pacific heading up to alaska and with the weather pattern the way it is right now a couple of fronts in the northwest, chance of rain on tuesday. showers on friday. more significant weather system on thursday. thursday morning in the northwest and that storm could work its way down the coast. again for most of the week it's quiet until thursday and friday. today. california, sunglasses. nice warm day. enjoy it. looks like southern california maybe a chance of shower thursday or friday but that's the weather headline. that's it. >> thanks a lot, bill karins. fidel castro's first public appearance in two years. bill clinton bids father we'll to a fred. and madam trousseau melts down lance armstrong's image. here's some stories making news this morning. officials in turkey are questioning 15 people in the death of a new york city mother whose body was found saturday in istanbul. she had been vacationing in turkey and police say she was killed by an injury to the head. >>> in cuba the public people got a close up look at retired leader fidel castro. castro voted in the general
Feb 5, 2013 4:00am PST
-cent coin costs 1.6 cents to produce. >>> beer powered beer from alaska. you heard me right. >>> plus, some police officers get the boot for goofing off while on the job. details next. >>> and now to some stories that caught our eye this morning. we begin in south florida where several firings came down after internal affairs video, you have to watch this, caught miami police grabbing coffee and kissing civilians instead of answering emergency calls like this one about an unconscious 5-month-old. >> 5-month-old not alert. [ inaudible ] >> the police department fired these officers for not responding and disciplined several other officers mentioned in the investigation report. >>> next, to michigan where the henry ford museum celebrated the birth of rosa parks on what would have been the civil rights pioneer's 100th birthday. the museum allowed visitors to board the famous bus parks was arrested on for refusing to give her up seat to a white man in 1955. >>> alaska is making what it called beer-powered beer. the brewery is using leftover malt and barley to fire up the machines used in the br
Feb 1, 2013 4:30am PST
true. a scare in the air. alaska airline flights is forced to make an emergency landing in oregon. >> police could be close to nabbing the super bowl ticket scamers who ripped off a woman for thousands. >> in today's tech bytes more than just "new york times", other major media companies as the "wall street journal" have been the victims of chinese hackers like the times. apple still dominates the tablet computer market with an increase in shipments, but a group says apple's share is shrinking and samsung doubled. >> facebook is offering gift cards. olive garden is participating. you may not see it right away it is being rolled out gradually. >> and the release of grand theft auto five has been pushed back to later this year. the publisher wants a little more time in order to "polish" the popular video game. have a >> petaluma and antioch and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> alaska airline passengers are waking up in seattle after a scary trip. they were forced to make an emergency landing after the pilot lost diagnoseness. the delight was forced to land in port land after t
Feb 1, 2013 7:00am PST
details on that scare in the night overnight. an alaska airlines pilot lost consciousness in midair and collapsed right in front of the passengers. abc's neal karlinsky has been tracking this all night. >> reporter: when the plane landed here in portland overnight, it was met by emergency crews and lots of questions. how could the pilot suddenly pass out with 116 passengers on board depending on him in the middle of a flight? >> there's the -- >> reporter: if it sounds matter of fact, the scene in the cockpit was anything but. as an alaska airlines pilot l e loses consciousness mid-flight. >> 121 souls on board and approximately 10,000 pounds of fuel. >> reporter: the flight took off from los angeles at 6:30 p.m. and was due to land in seattle at 9:30. portland international said they received a report around 8:50 that an alaska airlines flight was inbound to portland because one of the pilots was unconsciousness or passed out. a passenger onboard said the pilot opened the cabin door and collapsed into the aisle. according to alaska airlines, the copilot took control of the plane,
Feb 6, 2013 12:00pm PST
returns for tomorrow and that's going to be a cold storm system diving in out of the gulf of alaska. looking out over the bay, we have some sunshine and temperatures running mainly into the 50s right now. i think the warmest day maybe some low 60s and that's about it. high pressure sneaking in for one final day here. but you can already see this system diving in out of the gulf of alaska. that is going to bring with it that chance of some rain and some very cold showers. in fact, snow levels may be down to about 2500 feet. overnight thursday night and into friday. the low will bring cooler air. let's see if we can time it out for you. toward the afternoon looking good so far. and then overnight tonight, some clouds begin to move in. and then tomorrow morning, for the commute, maybe a little bit wet in spots especially north of the golden gate bridge. you can see at 8:00, the main cold front all the way up into the north bay. and then as we head throughout the day, that sags further south so by noontime that drags across the rest of the bay area.
Feb 16, 2013 11:00pm PST
out of the gulf of alaska. cooler weather. and the chance for rain fall tuesday, thursday. the big story will be the wind and the cooler temperatures. with 50s. temperatures speaking only in the 40's. the fog tracker, showing the bay fog and the north bay. most of that cloudiness will be out by 10:00 a.m. but that will depart. back to the ocean and look for sunshine. and for the sierras. increasing for monday, tuesday. the gulf of alaska will bring sierras. temperatures for the bay area look for low mid 60s under mostly sunny skies. 60s in redwood city. and a bit warmer inland. 60s in concord, livermore. for the north bay temperatures in the 60s with the 65 degrees in oakland, berkeley, san francisco. your kron 4 7 day around the bay the winter will return this week mid- 50s. mostly cloudy skies. and rainy and cold 40's and 50's. >> due to lack of funding three parks in marin county were in danger of getting shut down. but as kron 4's jeff pierce save them. >> well a couple years ago it looked pretty shakey. >> reporter: china camp state park in close when the state park system was
Feb 1, 2013 4:00am EST
. >> an alaska airlines flight was diverted after the pilot passed out in the cockpit. the plane was on its way to l.a. from seattle when the pilot lost consciousness. the plane landed safely. with 116 people on board. no word on what caused the pilot the pass out. >>> and passengers on a jetblue flight had camera phones roling when a blonde-haired woman was removed from the plane. the new york to san diego flight was diverted to denver and the woman was removed. the plane continued to southern california. >>> also overnight, the death toll is rising following an explosion in mexico city. at least 25 people killed and more than 100 hurt after a blast ripped through the head quarters of a state-run oil company. the blast occurred in the basement of the building. investigators are not sure what caused it. >>> we're also tracking new developments in alabama, where the hostage standoff is entering its fourth day. the gunman and the 5-year-old boy he kidnapped remain in an underground bunker stocked with supplie supplies. they're talking to the 65-year-old through a ventilation pipe. they do not bel
Feb 24, 2013 6:30pm EST
. that is a popular dish. >> okay. next we have, of course -- >> our alaska king crab legs. >> oh, the crab cakes our number 1 seller. the crab cakes they are fresh, they are hot, they are always cooking and again, our most popular item since we opened we did a calculation one time, we have cooked over 2.5 million crab cakes. >> is that right? >> since opening day. >> that's one of my favorites, but my all-time favorite, because i have such expensive taste. the alaska king crab. >> they are good. again, we sell a lot of them, our particular dish. it is about seafood and everything fresh. we're proud of everything that we serve. the crab legs they show nice on the plate. >> yes. they do. they will not be showing in two minutes. >> time to dig in, kim. >> and your sunday brunch. >> there is a great time. you have joined us for brunch. brunch is fun. it is a fun shift. a lot of repeat guests for brunch. i get to recognize everyone. a lot of energy with brunch. >> the trio? >> the trio is great. they play from 10:45 to 2:30 every week. it is -- you know, very, very energetic. you come into the restaurant
Feb 1, 2013 5:00pm EST
. >>> passengers on an alaska airlines flight, sat in horror as they watched the plane's pilot collapse in front of them on a flight from la to seattle. >> crazy story. more on the terrifying moments and the emergency landing that followed. >> 121 terrified passengers were on board alaska airlines flight 473 thursday night from los angeles to seattle. >> the captain had some problems when he was in the cockpit. he came out of the cockpit and collapsed on the aisle. >> it was frightful. >> reporter: a moment of high anxiety for travelers and 5- person crew. >> we didn't know what was flying the plane or if the computer technology was going to take over. >> reporter: midair panic returned to calm. first in the cockpit, co-pilot, 11 year veteran took control of the plane. >> everything seemed fine. we were okay. >> reporter: in the aisle, the pilot collapsed. >> fortunately, young woman who was fourth year medical student who ran to his aid. >> reporter: the plane made an emergency landing in oregon, passengers continued to the final destination, seattle , the pilot was taken to a local hospital. >
Feb 14, 2013 5:00pm EST
and thursday of next week. okay. aurora borealis, this is from fairbanks, alaska, and normally i don't accept pictures not taken locally, but the people that took the pictures are from the local area and this is a pretty spectacular picture. it was taken december 19th of last year. temperatures at minus 58. that was the predicted temperature. he was visiting fairbanks for the holidays. he's from mechanicsville. joanne did a great job sending this in. go to our website, click on the weather tab and upload your picture and give a description and where you're from, hometown. >> fairbanks, alaska, for the holidays, sounds great. >> cool. >> minus 58 degrees. >>> coming up breaking their silence, two of christopher dorner's final victims say the ex-lapd officer didn't seem like a bad man to them. >> but up next as the college of cardinals prepares to pick a new pope the vatican is out with new information about a health scare for the guy who still has the job. >>> as rome prepares for the upcoming conclave to elect a new pope there are new details about pope benedict's day to day liv
Feb 12, 2013 12:00pm PST
. >> impressive math, by the way. did you see that map? alaska is proportional. >> all blue. >> the alaska is proportion to the united states. they get upset. >> hawaii is not. >> all blue on the american map. >> good look for it. thank you so much for spinning with us. >> always a pleasure. they can care. >>> straight ahead, our dr. j puts it in perspective. the address, the response and the promises, promises. jonathan allen's next in the guest spot. >>> joann brewer and christie sterling of dallas created cute homemade decorations for their kid's lockers. the partners created locker looks. the products hang on retail racks across the country. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues... with three strains of good bacteria. [ phillips' lady
Feb 1, 2013 7:00am EST
in. >>> breaking overnight. scare in the air. an alaska airlines pilot passes out in front of passengers mid flight. >> 121 souls on board and approximately 10,000 pounds of fuel. >> the copeelt seizing control. a doctor rushing to the pilot's side. >>> absolutely i'll be singing live. this is what i was born to do. ♪ o, say can you see ♪ by the >> beyonce's bold mov the superstar taking the stage a a blockuster press conference. coming clean on what really happened at the inauguration. ♪ >>> and are you ready for robin? >> look that. >> this morning, a very special homecoming for robin roberts as we kick off the biggest "gma" super bowl tailgate party in new orleans. the one and only tim mcgraw, li live. it all starts right now. >>> and good morning, everyone. hello to josh and sam down in new orleans this morning. they rode down with robin. back home with her family for the first time since her bone marrow transplant. first, the breaking news out of turkey. >> right to that blast in front of the u.s. embassy in theou are the kish capital of ankara. pierre thomas is
Feb 14, 2013 12:00pm EST
from west virginia; john barrasso, republican from wyoming; senator mark begich from alaska, a democrat; and senator lisa murkowski, republican, also from alaska. and i emphasize that to show the bipartisan support for this critically important project. now, you may have seen -- oh, i also will have a statement from senator max baucus of montana, who's been leading this effort with me, in his case, on the democratic side of the aisle. and he wasn't able to be here but i do have a statement from senator baucus that i'll read as well, and i appreciate very much his statement of support. you may have seen that national gas price has now risen to an average of $3.62 a gallon. so the average price for gasoline today in the united states -- and it continues to go up -- but it's up to $3.62 a gallon. now, that's the highest it's ever been in the month of february. so that's a new record. not a record we want to make either, but it's a record. the highest price for a gallon of gasoline in the united states that we've ever had in february. and if you take a look at that trend line, you'll see th
Feb 25, 2013 12:00am EST
are delighted to have you here. and the governor from alaska, he is our closest state to japan and has the keenest interest in japan. it is wonderful to have you here, governor. there is a new word in washington, the new economics that prime minister abe is bringing to japan. we have to get ourselves started again and i think that is exactly what he is doing in japan. i would like to take a second, talk about the foreign-policy agenda. japan's foreign policy going forward to protect freedom of thought, expression, and speech in the asia-pacific. can you think of anything more important than that? this will help transform the region. to make sure that the seas are governed by rule of law and not by intimidation or power. to pursue interconnected economies and bring about a more fruitful enter cultural ties with japan and other countries in asia. and to promote the exchange with the younger generation. these are the principles the prime minister has articulated and i think they are good for america. this is a partnership that is good for us. we will have a chance to hear prime minister a
Feb 4, 2013 6:00pm PST
nopche, por lo menos dos sistemas frontales, el tercer frente frío viene desde alaska y la nieve a dos pies de altura, será de jueves a viernes con pontencail de 2a 3 pies de altura, mañana en la tarde 57 pero estamos viendo nubosidad y los dehjo con el pronóstico para el día. >> >>> ♪. >> enseguida para los 49ers vienen malos tiempos, podría ser demolido el estadio. >> el equipo del san francisco podrá estar jugando en santa clara. >> para qué más esta pasando en los deportes ahora pasamos con willima bonilla. >> se oficuializó la copa del rey que será el 26 de febrero y aún quedan los ecos del súper bowl. >> a blatimore los cuervos fueron recibidos después de haber estamos con los 49ers .
Feb 18, 2013 4:00am PST
in fairfield. 53 in daly city. this is from the gulf of alaska bringing some rainfall to the bay area. this is when many of people are going pagoda school tomorrow by 6:00 a.m., light rain indicated for the north bay. the heart of the bay, that delta, the livermore valley. and by 9:00 a.m., the rain fall will intensify. moderate/heavy. more widespread. continuing towards the afternoon hours. later, we will be dry. but rainfall for the east to bay. these totals we are expecting. the bass site id over 1 in. for the santa cruz mountains. and your kron 4 7 day around the bay highlights of the unsettled weather. with the wet weather is going to be cool air mass. the wind will be gusting at 20 m.p.h. however, take a look at how easy the traffic looks with not many cars a very quiet cars from oakland to towards san francisco and also the san mateo bridge only 13 minutes. the golden gate is also very quiet coming out of marin county. >> an investigation into what caused a boat and a ferry to collide. injuring two people. is still on going. the accident happened saturday between a golden gate
Feb 19, 2013 7:30pm PST
for the center and the budgeted committee will be taking up this week and we'll be competing with alaska and others large cities for trade shows. yes. but our economic recovery or our economic progress is not just taking place to mission bay or our own downtown i can see it in our commercial corridors and commissioner kim knows that no where that our neighbors are more deserving to the makts place. not even two years ago we offered a break for our payroll tax for businesses who agents to move in and create more jobs. this area in downtown has resisted growth. the results in two years time have been great. room for 5 thousand seven hundred jobs and behold now we're seeing the wisdom of our hard choice. major companies that are growing choosing to move in our district even though there is no reduction in taxes. understand that these changes with those changes come tensions and i know we must deal with the serious exchanges that remain in public safety and street behavior. last friday the first class of our academy 43 new police officers will be hitting our streets. with 20 percent of them
Feb 17, 2013 9:39am EST
into the archives of the office. picking a fill at random. >> i pulled out, butler, the first senator from alaska. >> chris: and also have 35,000 photos, drawings and cartoons, of the senate over the centuries. >> this is a picture of the senators in the 1880s. standing on the steps... >> chris: all men. >> yes, all men. >> chris: and this wonderful photo op of a senate softball game in the 1950s with a young jack kennedy as the catcher. sometimes hollywood calls. when they were making a movie about howard hughes, testifying before a senate committee, they wanted to match the color of the drapes. they also help out reporters. >> the day of the state of the union we uncover so much, people calling with questions, to try to put something into historical context. >> chris: the historian's office opened in 1975 just after watergate. >> the legislature was asking the president to make his papers public and then historians said, what are you doing about your papers? >> chris: he joined the staff a year later and became senate historian, in 2009. >> in an institution where henry clay and daniel webster,
Feb 18, 2013 10:00pm PST
of alaska. i drew in the arrows. look at the cold air spilling in from the gulf of alaska. and we've got rainfall tomorrow. that's the only rain chance, solid rain chance for the week. we will be cold and breezy and all week long for you. it'll be feeling like winter outside. here comes the front tomorrow that will bring us the soggy tuesday, the morning commute, wet evening commute, likely wet here as well. and then once that moisture tap moves away, we'll keep the low pressure around, off to the east, enhancing the chilly air from the north. it won't be all that wet. solid rain chance tomorrow. we'll talk about how much rain you're going to get. some of you could get a quarter to half an inch of rainfall. the same story for pleasanton. after that our rain will be moving out. snow level dropping tomorrow. watch out for the higher hill tops with a slight chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow. look at the highs. san jose 14 degrees below average. only 51 in sunnyvale. 50 at pleasant hill. and mill valley 50. soggy, chilly, breezy tomorrow. rain moves out, we're still cold on wednesday and thu
Feb 1, 2013 1:05am PST
. >> that breaking news happening in oregon. alaska airlines flight forced to make emergency landing after the pilot lost conditionness flying from los angeles to seattle when the pilot passed out. >> flight first officer made the emergency landing. plane met on the runway by fire emergency crew. all 121 people on board are safe. the pilot who has been flying for alaska for 28 years rushed to the hospital. at this point his condition is unknown. but again all the passengers are okay. >>> good evening. >> our other top story tonight. break in the case of a car dealer who packed up and moved out leaving dozens of people without their money or their cars. tonight sunnyvale police believe they have the man behind this rip off. 7 news reporter lisa has the story from the santa clara county jail. lisa? >> the man who police say swindled more than 40 people out of their high end cars is here at the santa clara county jail tonight. >> the man who goes by andy paul is charged with 6 counts of grand theft. we saw sunnyvale motor car auto consignment company on el camino real. today sunnyvale police
Feb 1, 2013 4:00am PST
as eight days at a time. marlie hall for cbs news, midland city, alabama. >>> an alaska arlines jet was forced to make an emergency landing when the pilot lost conscious necessary. flight 473 was en route from los angeles to seattle last night. it was over oregon when the pilot passed out. the jet was diverted safely why the doctor treated the pilot. the co-pilot landed the plane safely. there were 115 passengers and five crew members onboard the boeing 737. >>> and through the night rescue crews in mexico city have been searching for people who were trapped by an explosion. at least 75 people -- or rather 25 people were killed by yesterday's afternoon blast in the basement of a downtown tower. more than a hundred others were injured. the cause is unknown but one possibility is a building's gas boiler. >>> in central china today a truck carrying fireworks exploded. the explosion destroyed parts of an elevated highway. at least five people were killed, eight hospitalized. cars and trucks fell about a hundred feet to the ground. the cause of the explosion is u
Feb 1, 2013 12:00am PST
at citibank. sz you. >> that breaking news happening in oregon. alaska airlines flight forced to make emergency landing after the pilot lost conditionness flying from los angeles to seattle when the pilot passed out. >> flight first officer made the emergency landing. plane met on the runway by fire emergency crew. all 121 people on board are safe. the pilot who has been flying for alaska for 28 years rushed to the hospital. at this point his condition is unknown. but again all the passengers are okay. >>> good evening. >> our other top story tonight. break in the case of a car dealer who packed up and moved out leaving dozens of people without their money or their cars. tonight sunnyvale police believe they have the man behind this rip off. 7 news reporter lisa has the story from the santa clara county jail. lisa? >> the man who police say swindled more than 40 people out of their high end cars is here at the santa clara county jail tonight. >> the man who goes by andy paul is charged with 6 counts of grand theft. we saw sunnyvale motor car auto consignment company on el cam
Feb 5, 2013 2:00am PST
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Feb 6, 2013 5:00am PST
of the gulf of a alaska is looking good and we will talk more about that system coming up in about ten minutes, pam. >>> we are coming up at 5:30, officers at the scene of an overnight stabbing, the connection police are making between the two people involved. >>> san francisco police are about to reveal new information about a boy who vanished nearly 30 years ago. what ktvu channel 2 morning news has already learned about the kevin collins case. >>> and the big change in mail delivery to be announced by the postal service today. . >>> good morning, thank you for joining us, it is 530, steve are we going to see a little rain? >> some patchy fog is starting to form but this is more inland fog than coastal fog which is what we had yesterday. we have 50s to near 60s here is sal. >>> traffic is moving along relatively well and it's moving well along the willow pass grade and also moving well on san mateo bridge, let's go back to the desk. >>> we are getting breaking news in the south bay. a san jose man may have been stabbed overnight by his roommate. he went to the hospital with non-life threaten
Feb 18, 2013 6:00am PST
the low cloud deck, the energy sources are coming down from alaska and we have a low cloud deck moving in and temperatures will come up slowly by the end of the week. we have some sun but it will be cooler today, 50s on the temperatures, very low 60s, maybe some thunderstorm activity and wednesday, partly cloudy and cooler and a little bit warmer. >>> real force are fighting for a number of previously owned condos. they are snapping them up and renting them out and sales prices jumped as much as 3 5% from the same time the year before and the time that these units stay on the market, the price has dropped down from three months. >>> they are reversing the decision to reduce the alcohol content of bourbon and they have already reduced production after many customers complained. they say they were having a hard time keeping up with the demand for bourbon. >>> what else is next after a high speed collision with a motor boat. >>> we will tell you what a magazine owner is doing and why it is sparking so much outrage. . >>> welcome back, time now 6:23, they are now on administrative leave fo
Feb 22, 2013 4:00am EST
't do a road this year? you know, where does it end. >> from the jersey shore to alaska, the cuts here in washington will be felt across the country. >> the parts are economic engining throughout much of our country. >> tom kernan is head of the national parks. they'll see budget cuts. >> you'd better be believe there's going to be fewer going to the bed and breakfast or going to restaurants or staying in hotels. >> and those who do show up may have a less majestic view in places like yosemite. >> the bathrooms will probably not be cleaned up as often, the trash not picked up as often. >> washington has one week to pick up its own mess. and this is not the only deadline that lawmakers make. in late mark the federal spending budget expires and congress takes up the dead ceiling again. >>> well, it now appears that former senator chuck hagel will get the votes he needs to be confirmed as the next defense secretary. his colleagues have been stalling his nomination but yesterday richard shelby said he would vote for hagel putting the vote over the top. a vote is expected neck week. >>> and
Feb 4, 2013 10:00am EST
. 2013] >> coming up today on c-span, lisa and rakowski from alaska, the ranking member of the natural resources committee will hold a conference on capitol hill to talk about energy priorities. she will also take questions from reporters. she outlined her plan at the annual meeting of the national association of regulatory utility commissioners. here is a bit of what she had to said. >> in our report, we declare five principals in addition to energy -- i am trying to make this release symbol for everybody for the morning fog of monday. energy is good and then there are five principles. it is in our national interest to make energy abundant, affordable, colleen, diverse, and secure. i have even put them in alphabetical order for ease of memory. [laughter] no acronyms this morning, alphabetical is good. let's talk about abundance -- as a standard of living rises, demand will continue to rise and anyone who has experienced a black out, it is amazing how this blackout last out -- last night ties into everything i have to say this morning. [laughter] anyone who has experienced a super bowl
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